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Virginians win National awards

23 VPW Members Win National Awards

Twenty three members of Virginia Press Women are winners in the National Federation of Press Women 2012 Communications Contest, with 41 awards, and will be recognized at NFPW’s Sept. 20-22 conference in Scottsdale, Ariz.  A total of 268 communicators from across the country are receiving 458 awards in the national contest.  Only first-place entries at the state level were eligible to enter. 

Bonnie Atwood, Richmond – Second Place: Editorial/Opinion, daily newspaper; Editorial/Opinion, publication/magazine/supplement for general or specialized circulation.

Nancy Wright Beasley, Richmond – Second Place: Feature story, publication/magazine/supplement for general or specialized circulation.

Laura Beck, Richmond – First Place: Manuals and handbooks, print (co-entry with Mike Freeman).  Second Place: Manuals and handbooks, electronic.

Katherine Calos, Richmond – First place: Special series; Specialty articles, government or politics; Specialty articles, history.

Julie Campbell, Lexington – Second Place: News article written specifically for the Web.

Clara B. Cox, Blacksburg – Second Place: Community or institutional relations.

Frances “Francine” Crutchfield, Midlothian – First Place: Speeches.

Deborah Elkins, Richmond – First Place: News reporting, non-daily newspaper.

Mike Freeman, Richmond – First Place: Manuals and handbooks, print (co-entry with Laura Beck).

A.R. Pete Giesen, Jr., Waynesboro – Second Place: Book edited by entrant (co-entry with Anne Marie Morgan). 

Megan McAbee Harris, Appomattox – Second Place: Photo essay, non-daily newspaper.

Audrey T. Hingley, Mechanicsville – First Place: Specialty articles, travel.

Cathy Jett, Fredericksburg – Second Place: Specialty articles, business; Specialty articles, agriculture, agribusiness, aquaculture; Specialty articles, social issues.

Tana Lane Knott, Buckingham – Third Place: News photo, non-daily newspaper.

Patty Kruszewski, Richmond – Second Place: Feature story, non-daily newspaper.  Third Place: Feature article written specifically for the Web.

Anne Marie Morgan, Midlothian – Second Place: Prepared report, radio; Special programming, radio; Book edited by entrant (co-entry with A.R. Pete Giesen, Jr.).

Lynn Nystrom, Blacksburg – Second Place: Specialty articles, technology/Internet; Single news release.

Ann Oppenhimer, Richmond – Third Place: Website edited by entrant for not-for-profit, government or educational organization.  Honorable Mention: Single page or pages regularly edited by entrant other than lifestyle or entertainment, publication/magazine/supplement.

Paula Raudenbush, Fredericksburg – First Place: Brochure, one- to three-color print.

Sande Snead, Richmond – First Place: Billboard.  Second Place: Print or electronic campaign for newspaper, trade paper, magazine, newsletter or website, retail product or service.

Martha Steger, Midlothian – First Place: Specialty articles, advertorials.  Honorable Mention: Specialty articles, food.

Joan Tupponce, Glen Allen – First Place: Specialty articles, arts and entertainment; Specialty articles, education; Specialty articles, sports.  Honorable Mention: Feature story, daily newspaper.

Marty van Duyne, Falmouth – First Place: Sports photo, non-daily newspaper; Photo gallery on the Web.  Second Place: Headline writing.