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2012 fall conf bios

Our Speakers

Meghan Codd Walker is a principal with Zuula Consulting. As a writer and editor, Meghan’s knack for strategic branding and business development helps clients understand — and unleash — the power of the written word. She believes there is a difference between good writing and effective writing, and is committed to lifting clients’ voices above the competition. Before co-founding Zuula Consulting in 2008, Meghan was a copywriter and senior technical editor at two Fortune 500 companies, and has provided precise, compelling content for clients ranging from individual authors to international corporations.

Danny Finnegan is editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He was instrumental in launching the newspaper’s Kindle product and PolitiFactVirginia.com, a project aimed at fact-checking statements by politicians. He came to The Times-Dispatch in 1987 as a sports copy editor and later became an assistant sports editor, assistant managing editor for night news and deputy managing editor for photo, graphics, presentation, multimedia and sports. He serves on the board of the state chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists.

 Marc LaFountain is the vice president of Support at Tumblr. He has worked in IT and communications roles with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Capital One and the University of South Carolina. He lives in The Fan with his wife and their two crazy cats.

 Deanna Lorianni, is a principal with Zuula Consulting. A Richmond native, Deanna is co-owner of Zuula Consulting, a verbal branding firm supporting companies nationwide with verbal branding, copywriting and writing coaching services. Before entrepreneurship, she was a copywriter at a Fortune 500 financial services firm and also previously served as a contributing journalist at the online journal Richmond.com. Whether she’s providing verbal branding and copywriting expertise for a variety of businesses or teaching writing skills in the corporate environment, Deanna delivers focused, dedicated and skilled support.