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2010 speakers

Chuck Hansen, professional motivational speaker,  draws on his human and unusual life story and experiences to help inspire and motivate others.  He has been an executive speechwriter with three Fortune 500 companies, press secretary to a member of Congress, speechwriter for a Virginia governor, author of a book and humor columnist.  His website is:  

Sandra Phillps-Posner and Stan Posner literally drive their road most written.  Authors of Drive I-95, they are the epitome of Living What You Write and Marketing What You Live.  During and after their adventures, they report for travel radio, e-zines and print media.  She’s a columnist and regular lecturer and guest on talk radio and TV.  He's the computer guru for their Travelsmart publishing company.  The website is:  drivei95.com

Stephanie Himel-Nelson, an attorney and social media guru, talks on Social Media. She founded The Legal Writers Group and Lawyer Mama Omnimedia and is contributing editor and writer to popular blogs MOMocrats.com, DCMetroMoms.com and BlueStarFam. org.  Her op-ed and political writings have been published in the Washington Post online, Raising Kaine, and the Huffington Post.