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2013 vpw winners at national

29 Virginia Press Women Receive
NFPW Communication Contest Awards


Twenty nine members of Virginia Press Women are winners in the National Federation of Press Women 2013 Communications Contest, with 40 awards, and will be recognized at NFPW’s Aug. 22-24 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Only first-place entries at the state level were eligible to enter.


Nancy Wright Beasley, Richmond – First Place: Columns – General; Columns – Information (how-to, Q&A, advice).

Karen Doss Bowman, Bridgewater - First Place: Specialty articles - Physical health, fitness, mental health, self-help.

Katherine Calos, Richmond – Second place: Specialty articles – History.

Julie Campbell, Lexington – First Place: News story - Online publication; Third Place: Editorial/Opinion - Print-based newspaper.

Clara B. Cox, Blacksburg – Second Place: Book edited by entrant.

Frances “Francine” Crutchfield, Midlothian – Third Place: Specialty articles - Government or politics.

Deborah Elkins, Richmond – First Place: Blogs - Corporate or for-profit.

Christine Ennulat, Richmond - Third Place: Feature story - Online publication.

Audrey T. Hingley, Mechanicsville – First Place: Editorial/Opinion - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper publication; Third Place: Personality profile - More than 500 words.

Cathy Jett, Fredericksburg – Third Place: Specialty articles - Agriculture, Agribusiness, Aquaculture.

Virginia Johnson, Fredericksburg - Second Place: Blogs - Nonprofit, government, or educational.

Gail Kent, Newport News - First Place: Videos for website - Special-interest.

Tana Lane Knott, Buckingham - Honorable Mention: Individual achievement.

Patty Kruszewski, Richmond – Third Place: Special series.

Ginger Levit, Richmond – Third Place: Specialty articles - Home (interior decoration, furniture, architecture, landscaping).

Alberta Lindsey, Richmond - First Place: Specialty articles – Religion.

Kim Loehr, Richmond - First Place: News or feature release - single release. Second Place: Community, institutional, or internal relations; Public Service, Newsletters - Corporate or for-profit.

K J Mushung, StaffordThird Place: Publications regularly edited by entrant – Newspaper.

Ann Oppenhimer, Richmond – First Place: Brochures - Nonprofit, government, or educational. Honorable Mention: Single page, section, or supplement regularly edited by entrant - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper publication.

Catherine Petrini, Alexandria - First Place: Single photograph - General photo.

Sarah Rodriguez, Richmond – Second Place: Specialty articles - Science or technology.

Mary Montague Sikes, West Point – Third Place: Novels for adult readers (full-length, 40,000 words and up).

Sande Snead, Richmond – First Place: Single advertisements for print or electronic publication. Second Place: Advertising campaigns.

Pamela Stallsmith, Richmond – First Place:  Writing for the web.

Marge Swayne, Prospect - Third Place: Specialty articles - Advertorials (writing done for special advertising supplements or special sections).

Joan Tupponce, Glen Allen – First Place: Specialty articles - Sports. Second Place: Specialty articles - Arts and entertainment.

Marty van Duyne, Falmouth – Second Place: Photographer-writer. Third Place: Single photograph - Sports photo.

Christine Watson, Richmond – Second Place: Page design – Newspaper. Third Place: Graphics.

Jessica Wright, Roanoke – Second Place: Sections or supplements edited by entrant - infrequent (e.g., one-time, annual, quarterly) - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper publication.