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Your info lists

To communicate with all VPW members, your name and contact information is on our rosters. These lists are available on the NFPW website and the VPW website. They are both protected by “members only” pages with passwords (See Members Only near the bottom of the Navigation column).

(email website admin or President Bonnie Atwood if you want the passwords).

Members' email addresses are on the VPW “mailchimp” list, so that you can keep up with new information. Good stuff comin’ at ya!

If you do not want some or all of your information to be on this list, please send me a note that you are “opting out.” And you are free to use the list to contact others, but please keep in mind that you are agreeing to use the list ONLY for VPW business. (Using it for any other purpose is a federal offense.)

We know you want to share articles, news, and book promotions, and I encourage you to use our FACEBOOK page for that. Also, we’re working on reinvigorating our newsletter (Galley Pruf) and starting a VPW blog! We’ll have lots of new ways to share news.