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Conference speaker bios


Karen Corrigan -- Brand Journalism: The Art of Storytelling to Connect with Customers 

The rapidly evolving practice of brand journalism is not only transforming traditional brand management, it is also challenging our traditional views of journalism. From social networks to blogging communities to rating sites and more, user-generated content is profoundly changing the way people consume information – and overtaking communications channels once fiercely controlled by professional journalists, PR practitioners, brand managers and marketers. Consumers want authenticity, transparency and meaningful connections; marketers want loyal customers. Learn how brand journalism, the art of content creation and customer engagement using journalistic skills, is redefining what news is and how it should be communicated on behalf of a brand.

Karen is founder and CEO of Corrigan Partners LLC, where she provides strategic planning, business development, brand and marketing counsel. Over the course of her career, she has worked as a health system executive, chief strategy officer, chief marketing executive and entrepreneur. Today, her clients include health systems, physician organizations, start-up companies, technology partners and other health industry businesses. She is a member of VPC.


John Fall -- Design & Digital Branding: How Traditional and New Media Propel Distinction Magazine

Relevance is key in today’s ever-changing media landscape. An early commitment to quality photography, writing and design paid off at Distinction Magazine, Hampton Roads’ luxury lifestyle magazine. In addition, learn how a disciplined approach to digital and social media strategy has become key to the magazine’s long-term success.

Over the past five years John has led the development, sales and distribution of Distinction Magazine.  Distinction is John’s passion as it is a platform to showcase the untold aspects and people of the Tidewater region and the State of Virginia. He does this while also managing an outside sales team for Pilot Media, a division of Landmark Communications. 


Cynthia Price -- Your Brand, Your Career

A key aspect of your career is your personal brand – or how you present yourself. Not everyone knows what her personal brand says, and few do anything to enhance their brand. Regardless of where you are in your career, by understanding branding, you can market yourself. Learn how you can take steps to create your personal brand and leverage it to stand out and enhance your career.


Cynthia has taken many turns on her career jungle gym, constantly evolving and enhancing her brand. She recently became director of media and public relations for the University of Richmond. Prior to that she directed communications for ChildFund International and the Richmond Police Department, where she focused on media relations, branding and risk mitigation. She also launched a business magazine for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. She began her career as a newspaper reporter. Cynthia served as president of the National Federation of Press Women and Virginia Press Women. She was the 2012 NFPW Communicator of Achievement, the organization’s highest honor.


Mike Mulleavey --  Using Video to Create Your Brand

The fact that less people read today than ever before is not lost on professionals in an industry based on the written word. Do we give up? No way. Use the tools that the public finds most attractive; use imagery systems. Learn how to use video as an element to build your brand.  Remember that no video worth a mention begins without a written script.

Mike Mulleavey has held positions in business development, communications, ethics, human resources, program management and training for several Fortune 50 corporations at various locations including California, Florida, Maryland and Virginia. He is currently a senior manager in the ethics and sustainability office at the Lockheed Martin Corporation, where he develops and coordinates branding and awareness campaigns. Lockheed Martin recently received several national and international awards for creativity and excellence as a result of his efforts.